How we do it

We take responsibility and pride in building long term, sustainable solutions. We empower and connect different worlds. Where community chiefs, corporate change makers, and mission-driver leaders work together

Where we stand at the moment

So far, we’re working on three pilot projects and have built a movement that’s growing every day. By breaking the cycle. Where local communities are part of the solution because they co-invest and take ownership. A sustainable and durable way of creating social impact with an economical return for the local communities.

Here is how it works

Identify regions and communities

We identify regions and communities that are in dire need of clean and affordable water, by collaborating closely with the local government and our broad network in Kenya.

Locate and explore suitable franchisees

Locate, engage with, and explore possible opportunities with suitable franchisees. Explain and discuss what WaterStarters offers communities and entrepreneurs.

Formal expression of interest

Is the franchisee keen to get started and does WaterStarters see sustainable potential? Then a formal expression of interest must be submitted using the form that is provided.

Evaluation proposed site

We then conduct preliminary field visits to evaluate the proposed site. Collectively decide the scope of the project and the necessary installations. WaterStarters and its partners provide cost estimates and draft a franchise agreement. Once everyone is satisfied, the agreement is signed.

Franchisee investment

The franchisee must invest ≥ 15% of the initial project costs, because there’s no such thing as free lunch, right? The remaining ≤ 85% is blended and equally split between grant money and a loan. Through the sale of water, the loan can be repaid.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase starts! We conduct ground water scans together with our partners. Simultaneously local healthcare workers are trained by Amref Health Africa, whilst franchisees receive operations and maintenance training.

Construction phase

We test the water quality. Then we either drill or rehabilitate a borehole, and build a water kiosk, pipelines, storage tank and/or a trough. Prepaid water meter and solar panels are also installed.

Access to drinking water and health promotion

The project has kicked-off! This community now has access to safe and affordable drinking water. Households receive necessary health education and hygiene practices by the local healthcare workers. Community-level health promotion prevents waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal worms and parasitic infections.

Online monitoring dashboard

Data on water consumption, solar energy production and water quality is automatically generated, collected and displayed in the online monitoring dashboard. The proactive warning systems prevents the long downtime of equipment; it also informs us on the impact we’re creating together.

Benefits of WaterStarters

Reducing time spent on fetching water enables children to go to school and women to conduct productive activities. Stable water sources enable people to grow crops and herd cattle.

Next phase

To radically improve the situation and lives of 1.5 milion Kenyans in water stressed areas over the coming 7 years means we need a scalable, forward-thinking model and plan. In the next phase, we will focus on growth and fruition of the scaling plan.

water droplet with arrows around it

Break the Cycle

We are moving from aid to trade by encouraging communities that possess the ability to co-invest and pay-back.

Hi, I’m a WaterStarter.
Are you?

We’re a group of mission-driven individuals who believe in the power of water and collaboration to create lasting health change. Our mission is to radically improve the situation of 1.5 million Kenyans in water stressed areas over the coming 7 years. Together with communities, entrepreneurs, and with you!

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