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Making a difference with water is nothing new. It's all about how you do it. That's why our franchise model is the solution.

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Little by little, a little becomes a lot

Our aim is to make the world aware that community-led solutions are key to improving health. That's what makes our approach unique. We combine traditional water systems and health promotion with data, technology, and pooled funding, forming a franchise concept that creates social impact and economic return.

Here's what makes our franchise model unique:

  • We give communities and entrepreneurs (franchisees) the opportunity to become the owner and manager of a successful water enterprise. We provide access to finance for their initial investment, on one condition:

    That the franchisee invests at least 15% of the initial investment before we kickstart the project. This increases ownership and responsibility.

  • We renovate existing or build new water systems together with the community to ensure we meet their needs.

  • The water supply is combined with education on good hygiene, provided by local health care providers.

  • With our technology we guarantee access to safe and readily available water throughout the year, with a maximum downtime of 72 hours, compared to the average 27 days.

  • We combine the expertise of local companies, a private partner (MegaGroup) and an international NGO (Amref Health Africa) to reach our goal.

  • We conduct groundwater scans, have contracts with local suppliers, and use solar energy, prepaid water meters and a monitoring dashboard to ensure a sustainable solution.

Our projects

To ensure impact lasts, we monitor all our projects, new and old. We fix what's broken, learn from out mistakes and celebrate our successes.

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Status: Being implemented

Ole Salaton (Kumpa)

  • Location: Kajiado County
  • Kumpa is a community of ca. 2,800 people and 5,740 livestock
  • A high water scarcity is observed
  • The new installation could serve Kumpa market, a health facility, and a primary school
  • WaterStarters activities; borehole drilling, pump installation, solar works, storage, pipe works, kiosks and health programme
74,183 Initial costs
2,800 People served
01/10/22 Start date
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Status: Being planned


  • Location: Kitui County
  • Nzewani is a community of approximately 2,100 people and 2,800 livestock
  • New installation could serve rural community, heath facility, and a primary school
  • WaterStarters activities; borehole pump installation, solar works, storage, pipe work, kiosks and health programme
30,000 Initial costs
2,100 People served
01/12/22 Start date
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Status: Being planned

Makutano Sinai

  • Location: Makueni County
  • Makutano water project serves a community of ca. 20,000 people and 24,000 livestock
  • The existing borehole pump capacity is 13m³/hr. The well bore is narrow so a larger pump cannot be installed. The borehole is not meeting water demand, even when running for 24h/d. Some water kiosks have been closed while others have water rationing. 
  • An additional estimated 2,900 people could gain access, when all 25 kiosks are operationalised.
  • WaterStarters activities; drill a new borehole (20m³/hr) & install a hybrid solar power supply. Install tanks at the water kiosks, operationalise all kiosks & make new connections, health programme
60,000 Initial costs
20,000 People served
01/12/22 Start date
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Status: Being planned

Kanaani Kiboko

  • Location: Makueni County
  • Kiboko is a community of ca. 9,600 people and 4,000 livestock
  • Existing pumps are aging. Frequent breakdowns make the supply unreliable and costly. High electricity bills due to reliance on grid power. Frequent power blackouts are also experienced and there are limited water storage reservoirs
  • WaterStarters activities; install a vertical multistage centrigugal pump, at least 12m³/hr capacity, install a hybrid solar power supply, install 200m³ steel tank & pre-paid smart meters (in order of priority), health programme
45,000 Initial costs
9,600 People served
01/12/22 Start date
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We’re a group of mission-driven individuals who believe in the power of water and collaboration to create lasting health change. Our mission is to radically improve the situation of 1.5 million Kenyans in water stressed areas over the coming 7 years. Together with communities, entrepreneurs, and with you!

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