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Sustainability is the recurring theme in everything we do, here's why:

Very high local ownership

Because communities or entrepreneurs invests at least 15%, the local ownership is very high, also in the long run.

Educating about importance of clean water and good hygiene

Educating the people in the villages about the importance of clean water and good hygiene leads to an increased demand for clean drinking water. This is an important part of sustainable change.

Groundwater scans

Before drilling dozens of metres into the ground to reach water, groundwater scans are conducted. Meaning not more water is extracted from the ground than is added by rainfall and irrigation. This is important for future generations so that the landscape and environment are not damaged.

Each water point is equipped with solar panels

Each water point is equipped with solar panels instead of the common diesel engine, reducing CO2 emissions and positively impacting climate action. 

Prepaid water metres

Prepaid water metres increase the financial sustainability of the model through transparant and cashless payments for water.

Monitoring dashboard

By means of a monitoring dashboard, the most important indicators are tracked, including the technical elements of the water system. Before something breaks down, it’s detected and solved in an early stage. Preventing long downtimes and contributing to a sustainable water source.

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We’re a group of mission-driven individuals who believe in the power of water and collaboration to create lasting health change. Our mission is to radically improve the situation of 1.5 million Kenyans in water stressed areas over the coming 7 years. Together with communities, entrepreneurs, and with you!

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