News Dec 17, 2023

Offical launch of Kumpa Water Project

WaterStarters Franchise and Partners Reshape Lives in Kajiado County

Embark on a journey to Kajiado County through the lens of the recent launch of the Kumpa Water Project—an inspiring story of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. In December we united all our partners to celebrate the commencement of the inaugural pilot project in Kumpa, including, delegates from AMREF Health Africa, MegaGroup, the Dutch Embassy, the county government, all collaborative partners and our own team.

The Kumpa Water Project stood out as a source of optimism for the local communities. This transformative initiative was collaboratively orchestrated with Philip (the franchisee) and esteemed partners, including Upande Limited, Maji Water Storage Ltd. Kenya, Irri-Hub KE, and Maji Milele. We set out to bring clean water closer to the hearts of Kenyan communities.

We, together with our partners, implement innovative water systems that transcend the conventional definition of water projects. This endeavor extends beyond the delivery of clean water, addressing fundamental challenges such as employment, health education, and the restoration of time for women and girls in remote areas of Kenya.

Prior to the grand launch, partners were welcomed by H.E. Deputy Governor of Kajiado, Martin Moshisho, and Grace Saitoti, Chief Officer of Water Services. The Deputy Governor highlighted the importance of initiatives like the Kumpa Water Project, especially for women and girls who traditionally bear the burden of fetching water. This project's unique franchise model fosters sustainable partnerships, ensuring that communities and entrepreneurs take ownership of these life-transforming endeavors.

Due to climate change, there are many issues related to water. Despite the excessive rainfall caused by El Niño, memories of the longest drought period ever are still fresh in the communities' minds. H.E. Deputy Governor emphasized the critical role of accessible clean water. The Kumpa Water Project stands resilient, exemplifying the significance of addressing water challenges in a world grappling with environmental shifts.

As we celebrate the success of the Kumpa Water Project, we invite you to witness the unfolding story of empowerment, resilience, and community-driven transformation. The collaborative spirit of WaterStarters, in tandem with dedicated partners, has set the stage for a brighter, sustainable future in Kajiado County.

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