TBD Initial costs
5,000 People served
01/01/24 Start date

Kibiko Community Water Project

In Ngong town in Kajiado County, an exemplary community water system stands as a example of efficient management and dedicated service. Guided by a qualified team of experts who provide management services, and overseen by a board composed of community representatives, this water system in Ngong sets a high standard for community-driven initiatives.

Serving a growing community
This community water system is designed to cater to the diverse needs of an estimated 5,000 residents. To meet the demands of this growing population, it sources water from multiple reliable sources, including the pristine Kibiko springs and a borehole. The distribution network spans across the community, efficiently channeling water through an extensive network of pipes, serving more than 1,000 metered consumer connections.

The water demand in Ngong is substantial, driven by the daily needs of the diverse low and middle-class population it serves. The commitment to providing quality water services to this community underscores the project's significance.

To address the growing water needs and bridge the existing water deficit, the Ngong community is poised for a significant expansion. In a bid to further enhance the quantity of water available, plans are underway to develop two additional boreholes.

WaterStarters is planning to play a role in facilitating this expansion by engaging closely with the community's leadership. Technical assessments have been conducted, and cost estimates have been carefully considered. The objective is to complete the contracting process and commence construction within the fourth quarter of this year, marking an exciting new chapter in the Ngong Community Water System's journey.


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