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6,000 People served
30/11/23 Start date

Kima Water Project

In Kakiado County, Kenya, the Kima Water Supply Project stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to providing sustainable water access. Nestled in the Kima shopping center, Lesongoyo sub-location, within Mashuru sub-county, this privately managed water enterprise is readily accessible via the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

Pioneering the journey
The project embarked on its mission with an initial borehole drilling endeavor, yet a 24-hour test pumping revealed a yield of 2m3/h. This output was deemed insufficient for commercial viability. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and efficiency, WaterStarters joined hands with the franchisee to identify a new drilling location. This decision was backed by thorough hydrogeological assessments, conducted by a team of seasoned hydrologists.

Together, we identified a new site, strategically chosen for its potential to yield the water needed for the project's goals. With this decision made, the franchisee took the initiative to acquire the necessary drilling permits, laying the groundwork for the next drilling attempt, scheduled to take place in the upcoming quarter.

The Kima Water Supply Project exemplifies the dedication to sustainable water access, acknowledging the importance of commercial viability and efficiency. While the road to success may present challenges, it is through these challenges that resilience and ingenuity shine.

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