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74,183 Initial costs
2,800 People served
01/10/22 Start date

Kumpa Water Project

In the market center of Kajiado County, situated along the Nairobi-Namanga Road, approximately 94 kilometers from Nairobi's central business district, a private water enterprise is making waves. This project, the inaugural endeavor by WaterStarters (WS), marked its triumphant commencement in March 2023 and has since achieved outstanding success.

Operation & maintenance
This initiative focuses on delivering essential water services to the community. Its approach includes two modern water kiosks, a specialized outlet for remote areas, and a dedicated livestock watering point. What truly sets this project apart is its cutting-edge automation. The water kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art water ATM machines, ensuring seamless and cashless water dispensing. Complemented by water level sensors, solar power systems, and water flow sensors, the project operates with remarkable efficiency.

Empowering agriculture
This WaterStarters project has not only achieved remarkable feats in the realm of water access but has also fostered a partnership with Irrihub, a private enterprise renowned for its expertise in climate-smart agribusiness solutions. This partnership is set to establish a demonstration farm adjacent to the water point, serving as an educational hub for local small-scale farmers. The collaborative effort enhances the project's sustainability by increasing water revenues and catalyzing job opportunities for local women and youth. It also seeks to elevate nutritional standards and promote knowledge transfer, further enriching the project's impact.

Promoting sanitation & hygiene
During a recent reporting period, the project embarked on a mission to promote improved sanitation and hygiene practices within the community. A team of 15 dedicated community health promoters led the way, sensitizing households through an extensive door-to-door outreach initiative. The champions employed the "Small Immediate Doable Actions" (SIDAs) approach, expediting the provision of handwashing facilities and improved garbage management practices. Their efforts ensured that every household they visited was equipped with a handwashing facility and suitable containers for clean drinking water storage.

In addition to door-to-door campaigns, the sanitation champions utilized public forums to disseminate critical information on sanitation and hygiene. Monthly review meetings with Public Health Officers and project staff allowed for progress assessment, knowledge sharing, and strategic adjustments to enhance behavior change efforts. Through continuous community mobilization and follow-ups, the project has witnessed significant results, including the installation of 56 new handwashing facilities and ongoing construction of 10 sanitation facilities at different stages of completion.

Allow us to introduce you to our first WaterStarters franchisee, Philip Salaton! Hailing from Kajiado County, Philip currently serves as a village administrator for the County Government of Kajiado. His responsibilities in this role involve mobilizing and educating residents to actively participate in development projects.

Besides his government work, Philip is an entrepreneur with a rich background. He has previously worked with various NGOs such as The Kenya Red Cross, Red Crescent Society, and UNICEF, focusing on WASH, climate adaptation, food security programs, and emergency response initiatives. This experience has equipped Philip with extensive knowledge in rural water management and fostering positive behavior change within Kenyan communities. Consequently, there was no need to explain to him why training local caregivers in WASH within WaterStarters is of utmost importance!

Philip's passion for community service shines brightly, and he is incredibly enthusiastic about being a part of WaterStarters. As our inaugural franchisee, he sets a remarkable example for future franchisees, showcasing the dedication and drive needed for success. So, we are thrilled to have Philip on board, and he will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to others in the future!


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