60,000 Initial costs
1,500 People served
01/06/23 Start date

Naserian Water Project

In Kajiado County, Kenya, an initiative known as the Naserian Water Project is changing lives and strengthening communities. Located in Kiekoonyokie Ward, Inkiito Sublocation, Kiekonyokie Location, Kajiado West Subcounty, this private water enterprise is owned by Renta Salana Company Limited. The project is designed to benefit approximately 1,500 residents, cater to the needs of 1,000 livestock, and support crop production across ten acres of land.

Milestone achieved
The project achieved significant milestones already and marking a remarkable step toward its mission. The core infrastructure components were completed, including the development and equipping of the borehole, the installation of a solar power system, the construction of an elevated reservoir, and the establishment of an efficient reticulation system. These systems are designed to serve the local school, households, and ensure water availability for community members through water trucking services.

One of the remarkable outcomes of this water project is the newfound access to water, which has enabled the franchisee to expand their agricultural activities. A modern drip-irrigated farm has been established, alongside a fishpond and a dairy farm, underscoring the transformative potential of this initiative.

Baseline evaluation
In a strategic collaboration with the Kajiado County Department of Water and the Ministry of Health, the Naserian Water Project recently conducted a comprehensive baseline evaluation. This critical study aimed to gather essential baseline data, providing benchmarks to assess the impact of the WaterStarters Project interventions on household and institutional WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) outcomes.

This research effort adopted a cross-sectional mixed methods approach, which involved structured surveys with household water managers, complemented by qualitative data collection through focus group discussions and key informant interviews. These conversations spanned across a spectrum of stakeholders, including school health club patrons, Public Health Officers, health facility leaders, water truck operators, and water service consumers. Results of this research will be shared when the report is finalized. 

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