TBD Initial costs
4.500 People served
01/01/24 Start date

Ololepo Community Water Project

In the Oltepesi Location of Kajiado Central Subcounty, a vital lifeline for the community has been quietly waiting for restoration. The Oltepesi Rural Community Project, an existing initiative, is a testament to the enduring spirit of rural communities. Comprising a borehole dating back to 1963, a diesel-powered generator, four masonry storage tanks of varying capacities, an extensive water pipeline network, connections to a local school, and strategically embedded livestock watering points, this project has been a cornerstone of this region.

However, the passage of time and the demands of the community have rendered this once-thriving project dysfunctional. It stands in need of comprehensive rehabilitation, encompassing not only the restoration of its essential components but also the vital step of transitioning to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy source through the solarization of the borehole pumping system. The repair and upgrade of the masonry storage tanks, water pipeline, cattle troughs, and the construction of community water kiosks are also part of the restoration plan.

WaterStarters has diligently undertaken the engineering design work, detailing the requirements and scope of the project. Through consultations and engagement with relevant partners a comprehensive cost analysis was undertaken, ensuring that the project's financial requirements were accurately gauged.

In a significant step towards community mobilization and involvement, WaterStarters conducted a productive meeting with the local community. During this interaction, the project scope was revisited and affirmed, discussing the estimated project cost and the strategies to rally community contribution and support.

In a display of commitment, the community pledged to raise their 15% upfront contribution through internal mechanisms, demonstrating their dedication to the project's revival. The community's initiative in this endeavor is a testament to the shared vision of restoration and resilience.

The Oltepesi Rural Community Project's journey of rehabilitation signifies more than the restoration of essential water infrastructure; it embodies the rekindling of hope, the power of community engagement, and the enduring spirit of resilience. 

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